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About Dynasty Payroll Solutions

Dynasty Payroll Solutions offers a clear and honest umbrella model. We have a
strong belief in always striving to be better. We’ve built the foundations of this Dynasty on 3 core
● Transparency
● Integrity
● Passion
We use these values in every aspect of our business, creating long lasting relationships with clients and contractors. If you would like to contact us regarding registering or setting up a commercial partnership please contact us today.

Quick and Easy Set Up

Getting set up is simple, hassle free and only takes minutes. Contact us to get started.

Compliant Take Home

All quotations given from our professional team are compliant to ensure you are all above board.

Fast Turnaround

24hr registration process, from initial enquiry to payday. Please call our team. tofind out more.

Together we can build a Dynasty

● Transparency
● Integrity
● Passion



International House, Admirals Way, London, England, E14 9XL



020 4599 3911